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Front-end Web designer/developer

Skilled in HTML CSS Bootstrap E-commerce SEO Re-design JavaScript

About Me

My name is Timbalock. I am a freelance web designer who prides myself in designing websites with user optimization in mind. I also design websites utilizing the customer’s input. Customization is important for a lot of customers, so their input is taken into account 100%.

I have 8 years of web design experience, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, so my customers can trust that I will design their websites with full knowledge of web design. My motto is "You bring the vision, I’ll bring the kreativity!"

My Skills

Responsive Website


I have 8 years of experience in working with HTML. HTML is my most proficient skill set. I am currently working on perfecting HTML 5



Because Bootstrap is so easy to use, I have quickly grasped the concept of utilizing it in my projects. I am currently working on learning Bootflat.



I also have 8 years experience in using CSS. I am working on becoming proficient in CSS3

Website Redesign


JavaScript has been one of the most hardest languages to grasp, thus far. I am not proficient in JavaScript, but I am working on it.

Fun Facts

*I love video games!

*I am very particular about the order of dish washing

*I attended college to be a CPA before discovering my love for web design

*Did I say I love video games?


"You bring the vision, I’ll bring the kreativity"!