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About Me

Chaka Wilson

Who am I? Why, I’m glad you asked! I am a freelance web developer who prides myself in building websites with user optimization in mind. I also build websites utilizing the client’s input. Customization is important for a lot of people, so their input is taken into account 100%.

In my spare time, I love creating websites, writing songs/poems, shopping, watching movies, and listening to music. While I’m coding, I like to listen to dubstep, old school R&B, and rap music. I am very easy to get along with and have forged relationships with my clients even after I’m long done with their website.

About Kreative Kode Designs

Kreative Kode Designs was founded in April 2016, after years of me dreaming about starting my own business. I started thinking of ways to provide beautifully-styled and custom websites at an affordable cost. It was then, that I thought of the name Kreative Kode Designs. Kreative kode, because I am very creative when coming up with designs for my clients. As an ode to Mortal Kombat (one of my favorite video games), I decided to replace the C in creative and code with a K.

I have 10 years of web developer experience, and I stay current with trends, so my customers can trust that I will build their websites using the latest technologies. My mission is to create beautifully-styled websites that are responsive, efficient, and cost-effective. I provide quality web design and development to each and every client, based on their vision, and I strive to ensure that every client is satisfied with my services. My motto is "Your vision, my kreativity!"

Two Hearts

Fun Facts

I love video games!

I am very particular about the order of dish washing

I attended college to be a CPA before discovering my love for web design

Did I say I love video games?

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